Hravitherav th'Shan

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Therav th'Shan
Therav th'Shan
Gender: thaan
Species: Andorian
Height: 5'5
Weight: 154
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position: Chief of Security/
Chief Tactical Officer
Born: Spring, 2345
Shan-Zhess Keep, Andor
Siblings: Thaniss, 2350-2356
Marital Status: divorced
Child(ren): Shlev
BBS Handle: JackRyan44

Therav th'Shan (Hravitherav ek'Thalev Theel'Zhiin th'Shan) is a gray-eyed, gravel-voiced Andorian thaan of unimpressive height. He has a militaristic attitude and bellicose personality, preferring not to waste time with small talk and social niceties (unless he's at least slightly inebriated). He tends to have an overbearing, paternalistic attitude toward people, which has occasionally led to major social blunders when trying to "protect others from themselves".

He has a reputation as the ship's resident petty tyrant, inflicting seemingly unnecessary 2am "goon squad raids", and an overly (by Starfleet standards) militaristic attitude upon the rest of the ship. If an officer (by his estimation) acts unprofessional in any way, Therav will be the first one to make sure that this officer is dealt with. He sees any diversion from the straight and narrow as a potential threat to ship security.

He always carries some sort of a knife, citing the "cultural obligation" loophole. When off-duty, he prefers his people's native clothing, usually in black, gray and dark blue, though he's occasionally been spotted wearing various sweaters and/or hats of hideous, clashing color combinations - gifts from his zhavey, in what Andorians consider attractive color combinations.

Early Life

Therav was born at Shan-Zhess Keep, in a time of year approximating winter on Earth. He spent most of his early life in the shadow of a very overbearing thavan and zhavey, and two other parents who largely made themselves scarce.

Therav's determination to join Starfleet began at a young age. He was extremely serious and diligent in his studies, and didn't partake in much of the stuff that other Andorians do in order to blow off steam; he didn't seek casual intimate partners, for example, as many do prior to consummating their bond.

He took the Starfleet Entrance Exam against the wishes of his family, even his thavan who was a retired admiral ("things were different then, my thei; there were simply more of us to go around"). It would be many years before the rupture between himself and Thalev would heal, and his family still has its misgivings about his choice of career.

Starfleet Service Record

Starfleet Academy

  • Disciplinary probation in senior year, for unruly conduct

Starbase Seven

  • Rank of Ensign
  • Security Officer

USS Ansari

  • Rank of Ensign
  • Saved commanding officer's life
  • Received Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry
  • Sponsored into Advanced Tactical Training

Advanced Tactical Training

  • Specialized in Small Unit Tactics
  • Graduated with high marks
  • Promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade)

Special Operations - Starfleet Special Missions Unit

  • Rank of Lieutenant (junior grade)
  • Variety of assignments
  • Received Starfleet Medal of Commendation
  • Promoted to Lieutenant

USS Monitor - Rapid Response Team

  • Received Starfleet Medal of Valor, Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
  • Offered promotion to Chief Tactical Officer with rank of Lieutenant Commander; declined

USS Takeda Shingen - Chief of Security - 2375-2381

  • On medical leave for three months, in first year
  • Promoted to Chief Tactical Officer with rank of Lieutenant Commander

USS Takeda Shingen - Chief Tactical Officer/Chief of Security - 2381

Command Style

Despite being despised by all but a few people in the other departments of the ship, Therav's command style is well-received by his own department.

Although given his druthers he would subject his mostly-human team to an Andorian training regimen, he is generally receptive to feedback from his underlings, and is concerned with their well-being and morale. He'll back off when he gets feedback that he's riding everyone a little too roughly.

People have commented before that his unit moves like a bunch of creepy, synchronized Borg.

They respond quickly and efficiently to very quick, succinct orders - Shan Alpha Two, Shan Beta Three, for example - and know exactly what needs to be done, acting at times like a single mind.

About four people in his department have been recommended for sponsorship to Advanced Tactical; three have entered, with two graduations.

He has snarked that his department is "Uzaveh's waiting room".

Medical History

Allergies and Medical Conditions

Therav is allergic to feline dander and is lactose intolerant. Common to his species, chocolate makes him violently ill.

The Thumb Story

Therav is fond of recounting the time that his father sliced off his thumb during dueling practice, when he was small (about Shlev's present age). A hairline scar is visible at the base of his thumb, where it was reattached.

He usually recounts this story to unruly children. It is possible that it has about as much truth as the "Andorian fable" he is fond of recounting, and that the thumb was severed via other means.

War Injuries

Therav suffered a number of injuries during the war, including one significant one that nearly killed him. He made a quick recovery after treatment in sickbay, but does not remember the incident, and it is part of a chain of incidents (including the death of his lover while in his chain of command, and service with an increasingly psychotic commanding officer) that led to his eventual breakdown.

(Meta: the details of this injury are yet to be determined by player.)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Therav experienced symptoms of depersonalization and dissociation, coupled with severe insomnia, after transitioning to a routine peacetime assignment aboard the USS Takeda Shingen. His deterioration became evident to his commanding officer, Lt. Cdr. Vasili Tabaichakov, who told him that if Therav voluntarily went for psychiatric evaluation, he would "keep this quiet".

Expecting it to be "nothing", Therav went, but tested poorly in several areas including short-term recall and cognitive tasks, showing a marked decompensation since his previous testing years before (before accepting his first Special Ops assignment). He admitted to suffering chronic insomnia since the end of the war.

This resulted in a total of three months of medical leave while being treated for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, at least half of which was inpatient.

He made an unremarkable return to duty.

His superiors consider him to function reasonably well, though there are some officers who would disagree with any definition of "high functioning" that describes Therav.

While he has performed well in his position, and was eventually promoted to Lieutenant Commander and head of his department, his personality has changed markedly since the end of the war. His former bondmate Thil, on being asked to rejoin with him, told him of her observation that he really was no longer the same person that she had loved.

This part of Therav's history is something he never speaks of, especially not his own family. He is deeply ashamed of it. The only people aware of his psychiatric history are the captain, the CMO, the counselor and Tabaichakov.

He gets re-evaluated periodically, and is considered to be compensating well enough to keep doing his job. He hasn't suffered clinically significant decompensation. He would report that it's worse when he's off duty.

He has recently become involved with Noelle Connor, but at present, has not informed her of his psychiatric history.

Recent Medical History

While impersonating the criminal Shrav during a recent operation on Andor, Therav encountered the real Shrav. While distracting Shrav and his Orion goons long enough for the rest of the team to complete the mission, he ended up being shot several times by Shrav and beaten by the Orions. Diziara rescued him before he died of blood loss, and he was evacuated by the Imperial Guard.

His recovery was rather complicated on account of Andorian physiology, and he spent a few weeks hospitalized with a phase pulse infection that itself nearly killed him. He was unconscious for much of the time. As a result, he suffered nerve damage to his left thigh (from the phase pulse infection as much as from the original injury), and the illness as well as hospitalization resulted in significant deconditioning from his previous fitness level.

Following an intensive period of rehabilitation which included physical therapy and reduced duty load, Therav made an unremarkable return to his previous duties, although they have been amended. He has mostly recovered his endurance and has begun to recover his strength, but he still experiences pain due to the nerve damage in his thigh.

Personal Errata


  • Journaling (personal journal)
  • Keeping a memoir for Shlev, in case he's killed in the line of duty
  • Zabathu riding
  • Hunting
  • Archery
  • Historical, combat and survival simulations
  • Holodeck games - such as the Clan Wars series, which is set on Andor but is banned on Andor. Therav generally reprograms these and often plays with the safeties off.
  • Electronics tinkering (typically with surveillance equipment)
  • Earth literature - Therav is a fan of Russian novels and of Tom Clancy's writing, in addition to some classic literature.
  • Klingon opera
  • History

Therav recently attempted to start learning Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's martial art) via the holodeck, but this ambition was cut short by his injury on the Andor mission.

Musical Tastes

Therav listens to classical Andorian, Klingon and Terran music. Additionally, he was introduced to 21st century Terran "heavy metal" music by his former commanding officer. Favorite bands include Hammerfall, Sabaton and Dragonforce. He intensely disdains the Earth band AC/DC. It was his CRAZY former commanding officer's favorite, and it brings back bad memories.


Blood Kin

Thravishlev th'Zhess

Therav and Shlev

Therav's best and worst moments are in his relationship with his seven-year-old thei, Thravishlev th'Zhess. Shlev is never far from his mind at any moment; he writes often to Shlev and keeps a memoir for the child in the event that he is killed in action. He spends most to all of his leave on Andor out of the attempt to preserve this relationship. When things are at their worst, Shlev is the thing left that he cares about. His fondest wish would be to have full time custody of his child, although he is not certain this would be in Shlev's best interest - he cites that an Andorian child needs a clan.



Like most Andorians, Therav was given to a bondgroup when young, with three other individuals. They had one offspring together, Thravishlev th'Zhess, despite numerous pregnancies and attempts. The bond divorced him when he chose to remain in Starfleet and fight in the Dominion War rather than return to Andor to attempt to sire another child.

The bond saw Therav's choice as selfish and did not see him as taking into account the Whole; Therav felt he had a duty to an even larger Whole.

Within the bond, Therav's closest relationships were with his ch'te Sharev and sh'za Thil; his relationship with his zh'yi Zhesha was rather more distant.

Years after the bond broke, in the wake of the death of Sharev and Zhesha in the midst of suspicious activity, Thil and Therav re-united for one night. They went their separate ways after that, but have remained close, referring to each other as brother and sister - although anyone watching them would assume they were enemies.

Therav gave his blessing for Thil to move on to another bond, but Thil is deeply worried that an unconventional romantic choice might jeopardize Therav's status within his own clan, thus jeopardizing her own relationship with their thei.


Thirizhalleh zh'Lenthar was a troubled ensign, and a science officer, when she met the newly divorced, bitter Lieutenant Therav th'Shan, who at the time served with the Rapid Response detachment posted aboard the USS Monitor.

Their first meeting didn't go so well. They met while they were waiting for the transport to Monitor, but he'd been drinking at the starbase bar when he received the "Lyoo-tennint Shan! Get your blue butt down here on the double," from Fergus. He was a bit inebriated, and planned on going to his dreaded sickbay to get a hypospray in order to sober up.

He was immediately struck by her fragile beauty and could not take his eyes off of her. She, on the other hand, was less than impressed, and sharply stated that if she wanted to be stared at by a drunk thaan, she'd have stayed on Andor.

Over the next month to come, their relationship grew yet more contentious - Therav had his superior flag Zhall's file to keep her out of dangerous situations - something he always does with Andorians who have not yet had children, out of respect for Andor's population crisis. Zhall immediately confronted him, angrily, spitting - "Is that why I have left my world and joined Starfleet, to have fat blue babies?".

Over a period of time, though, contention turned to flirtation - until one day, when an adrenaline-spiked Therav, who had just been in space for hours defusing a mine, was challenged by Zhall over the use of the same holodeck. He grounded her in a sparring session, and one thing led to another - which led to a passionate, sometimes volatile relationship that was deeper and more intimate than the bond either had been in.

There was always much guilt, however, as Therav felt he had destroyed Zhall's bond, and left them to be broken and grieving. During a brief time on Starbase 7, Therav purchased a shapla (betrothal locket) to give to Zhall; he never had the chance to give this to her. As the war heated up, brass ordered all files unflagged, meaning nobody was exempt from any assignment for any reason - even after Therav confessed that he'd had an intimate relationship with Zhall. Zhall and Therav ended up on an assignment together in which Zhall was mortally wounded; a beam-out was impossible as Monitor had come under attack. She died in Therav's arms as they waited for the beam-out.

Therav grieved this loss more than even the loss of his bond; he would carry this around for the six years that followed, compounding with his psychic collateral war damage to wall himself off from virtually everyone around him. He wore the shapla he'd purchased those years ago, and nurtured the flowering pea genus that she had developed.

Several months ago, the medic A.J. Trippett pocketed the shapla. Therav never looked for it, and over a period of time, he came to realize that he was ready to let Zhall go - especially after a chance encounter with another crewmate, and later, learning that Zhall's other bondmates had remarried, borne two children, and were happy.

Noelle Connor

Therav has recently begun seeing Noelle Connor, though the two have not verbally defined their relationship in any way.

Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances

Therav is still learning the concept of friendship, since Andorians do not use the same word. He generally will think of someone as either a comrade, a love interest or an adopted family member.


Sharad ch'Vresh was a recent suitor. Sharad was seeking individuals with whom to create a bondgroup. Therav met Sharad while on assignment on Andor. Having concluded that he was ready to move on from Zhall, he gave Sharad at least a reasonable chance. Pukey was the unfortunate witness of some of this. Therav found evidence of a personal connection which completely killed any interest in Sharad, as well as simply coming to dislike the chan's personality.

The story he told Sharad to end things, was that he was involved with Noelle - although this would become true in a matter of weeks, it was not true at the time. Sharad had already suspected the two were involved, and Therav was at the time far more interested in Noelle, so it wasn't much of a stretch.

Vasili Tabaichakov

Vasili Tabaichakov, Therav's former commanding officer, is someone who could unquestionably be described as a friend by people who observe the two together. Before Vasili's retirement, they often drank together and played various battle and adventure holodeck programs together. Vasili earned Therav's trust early in their service together. It was Vasili who observed Therav's declining capacity, and told Therav to voluntarily go for psychiatric evaluation and he wouldn't pursue the matter further. He left his observations off of the record, and never told anyone about Therav's "nervous breakdown". Vasili himself is a very private person, and Therav knows little about his personal life. Since Vasili is no longer Therav's comrade, Therav has chosen to think of him instead as sort of an elder brother.

Lucas Spiegel

Who knows what Lt. Spiegel is to Therav. Spiegel for some reason idolizes Therav and makes no pretense about his admiration, perhaps in the sense of a high school nerd looking up to the campus's most detested bully. Therav finds this rather annoying. His curt confrontations with Spiegel have somehow only fueled the other man's admiration. All the same, Therav occasionally shows Spiegel some act of friendship, such as giving him a bottle of Andorian ale in exchange for Spiegel's gift of his book about Terran metaphors, which Therav has found extremely useful. Therav has since appointed Spiegel as the person to ask if Therav has any question about human customs.


Lt. Diziara is the thorn in Therav's side that keeps managing to be along with him on missions. He first met her at Starbase 668 while Shingen was in port - he shared alcohol with her and a bearded Vulcan, but when station security came to apprehend Diziara for a suspected murder, and Diziara resisted arrest, Therav felt it necessary to stun her to prevent her from harming herself. As it turns out, she ended up transferred to his ship, and just cannot get over the fact that he shot her in the back. He really doesn't understand why, and thinks any sensible person would have done the same thing. Adding to this mess is the fact that she saved his life in a later mission, and seems to keep getting him out of scrapes - via means that seem to him, completely insane.

Stace Houghton

"Useless" as Therav came to call him, is not a friend, but is Therav's former roommate. They shared quarters at their respective first assignment, the USS Ansari. They were completely incompatible. Therav likes to keep the place tidy, and Stace was a bit of a... shall we say... slob. Therav would gather up Stace's things (moldy pizza, lube packets, various junk, guitar picks, broken guitar strings, condom wrappers, papers and smelly clothes) and dump them unceremoniously on top of Stace's bed. If Stace had "a bird" over for the night, he'd just avoid the bed (full of his junk which Therav had piled there) and entertain his lady friend on the couch or table. Therav also enjoys peace and quiet when off duty... which came to a crashing halt when Stace would go through a breakup (right on schedule - every three months) and spend several days drunkenly singing along (in his Cockney accent) to Johnny Cash albums. Needless to say, this was the longest year of Therav's life.


Holdout Knife

Therav has always carried some sort of knife on his person. As a cadet, he carried a small Andorian knife, which was confiscated after the fight which nearly got him kicked out of the Academy. Later, it became a KA-BAR. Later still, it became the Andorian knife which ended up in his possession after a fight with two Andorians at a station. He still carries this knife, as a reminder to stay out of trouble.

Weapon Collection

Therav has a formidable collection of sharp shiny. Some are gifts, some are items of historical interest and some are things he uses. They include but are not limited to:

  • A set of Ushaan-tor - not his favorite weapon, but he has trained most of his life in its use, and uses the holodeck to keep current. He considers this an important cultural skill that's necessary to pass on to the next generation, although most Andorians no longer teach their children this way.
  • Saberclaws - his favorite for actual use. These are what he generally practices with in the holodeck.
  • Two long hrisal
  • Two short hrisal
  • Chaka
  • Katana set
  • Bat'leth - he got this during one of his classified Special Operations assignments. How and where this happened, is classified.
  • Variety of Starfleet-issue utility and combat knives
  • Hunting bow, arrows
  • Andorian hunting knives

Rumors and Apocrypha

  • It is rumored/suspected that despite his service record, Therav is actually very poor in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Some unknown member of the crew started a meme called The Facts about Lt. Cdr. Hravitherav th'Shan.
  • Therav's nickname around the ship is "The Bugmeister", because of his surveillance network around the ship.
  • Hilariously, Therav has at least twice recently been bested by another officer (first Kinnara, then Pukey).